Thursday, 26 March 2009

Jack's penis in her mouth!

I met this chick while getting my nails done. She was really outgoing and told me it had been awhile since she had been laid. She was telling me how she craves a big hard cock. I told her I could hook her up. So she comes over and there is pathetic Jack. She is so excited she grabs him thru the towel and realizes she is getting caught short. She laughs at his small penis and this is where it gets good. She starts trying to stroke him and he is so inside its like there is nothing there. So she takes off her ear ring and compares him to her ear ring. The ear ring is bigger of course. Then she gets his little wee wee a little harder and then shows how her finger is bigger than his little penis. Then the one I didnt expect she puts Jacks penis in her mouth to show he cant gag her and then talking with his penis in her mouth it's so funny. She berates him and makes fun of him the whole time.Then eventually Jack pops his small load in her hand. We are starting the year off with a fun one. Since this is the first clip of the new year, we are taking four dollars off this clip, enjoy!!!
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